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deletePlayer() sends back "An unexpected error" sometimes

Hello again,

Sorry to bother you again and again, but I love using your SDK, it's very powerful.

However, I had another little problem : 

I created a cloud code function called deletePlayer, which take an ID as input.

I call it from Unreal, but most of the time I got this response :

{"@class":".GameSparksErrorResponse","error":{"errorInstanceId":"85f65215-8ff8-4a6e-b849-53e9a8282402","message":"An unexpected error has occurred"},"message":"An unexpected error has occurred"}

But my player is still deleted.

When I try it in test harness, it gives me the same thing. Sometimes it works, sometime not.

Here is my Cloud Code : 

Spark.setScriptData("resp", "ok");


Any idea on this ?

Thanks in advance, and cheers.

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Hi James,

For reason this post was blocked in our Spam Filter, sorry about that!

Happlily your issue was dealt with in the tickets.



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