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OneSignal or Push with Cloudcode

Hello, Have anyone figured out how to customize the json from the messages to work with onesignal ? I can't figure it out .. And if not, is it possible to intercept a message if it's gonna be send through push and instead extract data from that push and call a http request to onesignals API ?

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Ok i just need to figure out how to fire up a cloudcode script instead of sending the push notification. Is this possible ?

Hey Fabian, did you manage to make it work? I'd like to use OneSignal too but I'm afraid it's complicated to do with GameSparks. Isn't it?

I just use this code :


function sendPushYourTurn(playerID)
    var jsonBody = {
    app_id: "XXX",
    include_player_ids : [""+playerID],
    android_group_message : {"en" : "You have $[notif_count] turns to make!"},
    android_group : "FRIEND_REQUEST",
    contents : {"en" : "Its your turn!"},
    var promise = Spark.getHttp("");
    promise = promise.setHeaders({
    "Content-Type": "application/json;charset=utf-8",
    "Authorization": "Basic KEY"
    var t = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(jsonBody));
    var res = promise = promise.postJson(t);
    var rest = res.getResponseJson();
    return rest;


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Looks easy.

What do you have to set before using that code (from Cloud Code, right?) ?

I dont understand your question.

All you have to do is set the app_id and the authorization key.

And adjust the parameters to your needs (API is on the OneSignal Doc site).

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