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Bug on management custom screens

Regularly (7-10 days), the snippets are no longer available on the live platform, until we publish again.

Quite long to :

 - make a snapshot of preview config

 - revert to live config

 - save live config

 - re publish live config 

 - revert to preview snapshot

Can live with that, but wanted you to know...

1 person has this problem

Hi Eric,

When you say no longer available what do you mean exactly ? Your screens load up but they are blank on live ?



There is an error message when trying to load the page (unavailable...)

If I re publish it's OK

Same problem here,

i got this error message when trying to access a leaderboard through MANAGE>LEADERBOARDS:

Snippet leaderboards_main_menu not available on preview

Hi Matteo,

Can you check that your screens have the correct access for the admin group that's trying to view them please ? You'll also need to set the access rights on the relevant snippets here too.





That was the problem, 

thank you Liam, this is now solved!

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