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Properties on virtual goods

Why isn't it possible to attach a property to a virtual good, only property sets ?

If I have one property to assign, does it mean I have to create a property set with only one property and then assign it to the VG ?

To be honest I don't understand property sets, as properties are already JSON, so we can do what we want inside...

Hey Eric,

That is correct; a property set is applied to  VGs and each set needs at least one property.
This feature was added for the specific needs of a developer so it might not relate to what you need to build.

If you can explain a bit more about what you are building we can help further.



Just want to assign a value to some of my VGs.

Correct me if I'm wrong :

 - I create N properties with all the values I have to assign (15)

 - For each property, I create a Property set

 - I assign the property set to the VG

So if I have 15 different values to assign, I have to create 15 properties and 15 property sets ?

Painful, isn't it ?

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