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[Unity/C#] GetObjectList is deprecated in generated SDK


I have a bunch of this warning each time I compile my code after having imported the custom SDK from GD Settings:


Assets/GameSparks/MyGameSparks.cs(2031,86): warning CS0618: `GameSparks.Core.GSData.GetObjectList(string)' is obsolete: `GetObjectList is deprecated, please use GetGSDataList instead.'

these are from "LeaderboardResponse" classes, it appears each leaderboard generates 6 of these. 

i'd like to keep warnings at a minimum, considering they generally are a sign of potential problems and a huge amount of noise will hide the relevant ones (and if I leave warnings around, devs (myself included) tend to also ignore theirs and it will only increase their number)

ps: there are also 2 CS0649 warnings (unassigned field) in Assets/GameSparks/Editor/GameSparksRestApi.cs

I just updated to

I would like to see this fixed too, every time I change something in the GS structure I have to change things like


get{return new GSEnumerable<_LeaderboardEntry_distanceLastWeek (response.GetObjectList("data"), (data) => { return new _LeaderboardEntry_distanceLastWeek(data);});}



get{return new GSEnumerable<_LeaderboardEntry_distanceLastWeek>(response.GetGSDataList("data").Cast<object>().ToList(), (data) => { return new _LeaderboardEntry_distanceLastWeek(data);});}


multiple times as we operate a pretty strict no-warning policy.

Good Afternoon,

We have the same issue with the Unity SDK. The warnings don't seem to break anything technically, but they do create a lot of overhead when we do an update of the custom SDK.

We'll be keeping an eye out for a fix.

Thanks in advance,

Niels Nijholt

Hello all, 

This has been addressed and the fix will be implemented in our next release of the sdk. 

Best Regards, Patrick. 

just downloaded, MyGameSparks.cs warnings still present (GameSparksRestApi.cs warnings are gone)

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