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Platform Release 2016-11-18


Hi Everyone,

Another release of the platform went out yesterday, so here's a list of the updates below. The main points to note are a new capability to make Credentials COPPA compliant, a new deletePlayer() method available for SparkPlayer, and all HTTP requests outgoing from the platform are now routed through our proxy servers:

Story --- A Jetty bug means writing to a socket can block for a long time. This means any Cloud Code calling play.disconnect() might time out. Socket disconnects are now done in thread executor pool so they happen asynchronously.   11665

Feature --- A deletePlayer() method has now been added to SparkPlayer so it can be called from Cloud Code. This method deletes data for that player in all system collections.   11387

Story --- Credentials can now be enabled for COPPA Compliance. When enabled, the Credential disallows social authentication. If you send a social authentication request on a COPPA credential, you'll get an error. Blocking social authentication in this way ensures no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will be stored on the platform.   11383

Story --- When using a COPPA compliant Credential, a user's latitude/longitude information will not be stored on the platform.  11337

Story --- Credentials can now be configured to allow or disallow REST requests. If allowed, you can also specify that an authToken is required for added security. For existing games, Credentials will default to allow REST requests without authToken being required. For new games, Credentials will default to REST requests being forbidden.   11325

Feature --- A new Cloud Code takeTurn() method has been added which takes a turn for a player in a Challenge and also sends a ChallengeTurnTaken notification. This new method was added because the existing consumeTurn() method doesn't send a ChallengeTurnTaken message.   11509

Story --- Test users were not being added as friends on GameSparks after authenticating with a FacebookConnectRequest when the Facebook app is on API v2.8. This problem has now been resolved.   11321

Story --- All SparkHttp calls now go via the proxy servers, and PUT and DELETE functionality has been added. Some customers require static IP addresses so that they can whitelist it for calls to 3rd-party services and some have requested PUT and DELETE calls. This was done because customers need a static IP address to be able to whitelist it for calls to third-party services.   11419

Bug --- Previously, dropping a Leaderboard through Cloud Code did not recreate the userId index. The index is now re-added immediately after dropping the Leaderboard.   11405

Bug --- Previously, Experiments screens would break when an Achievement name contained an apostrophe. This issue is now resolved.   11519