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Unity - Create leaderboard with top 10 users and you.


I am just starting to use GameSparks and wanted to create a leaderboard that just shows me the top 10 users and then myself. If I am part of the top 10, then it will only show 10 entries, otherwise it will show the 10 followed by me.

I have the leaderboard working now with showing 10 entries, but am wondering how to get mine displayed accordingly?

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Hi David,

There are a couple of ways you could accomplish this. 

You could use an AroundMeLeaderboardRequest, setting the entryCount to 1 (which will give your entry+ 1 surrounding entry) and the includeFirst to 10 (top 10 entries from the lb).

Alternatively, you could perform a LeaderboardDataRequest with entryCount set to 10 for the top 10 players, then a GetLeaderboardEntriesRequest with the shortcode of the leaderboard you're checking in the 'leaderboards' field to the current player's entry.

Try these out and let us know how you get on



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