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C++ SDK how to store the api/credential secret

I am currently developing an application with the C++ sdk and i want to ask how to securely store the api / credential secret?

Generally I dislike the idea to store the secret inside the app. In the tutorials there is a document to store the secret on a node js server and request a generated hash with the given nonce from the gamesparks server.

Unfortunately it seems the C++ sdk has no feature to get the nonce, it gets from the gamesparks server, to send to my own one. The only option seems to be to pass the plain secret.

Is there another option, so I can store the secret external?

Thanks in advance


Hi Chris,

One way of obfuscating the API secret in a C++ project would be to use the python script attached below to generate some C code that can be added to the project. It will mean the secret will not be easily found in the binary using ‘strings’ or such like.

Hope this helps,

 - Steve


Hi Steve,

thank you for your reply.

I think this obfuscation will come in handy. 


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