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Android notification problems

I'm testing notification via Test Push Notification Google, and there responce is  ok (Status code 200)
but notification not recieved in device. If i send test message from all ok.

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Hi Server,

Are you using the same pushId in both cases here ? Do you have your app closed when testing from both places ?  Can you give us the name of your game so we can take a look at your config ?



Yes, game is closed, and pushid the same, HockeyBattle - name of the game,

Hi Server

What are you using to pick up the messages on the client?

What SDK  are you using?



Hi, ,now I solved the problem by OneSignal, because they do not have enough time to understand.


Hi Katie,
now I
solved the problem by OneSignal


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hi Chabanov, can you share solution to solved it? I also encounter same problem.


I'd like to know what Server Chabanov did because I also have the exact problem, I receive the notification when sent from FCM console but not from GS android integration test.

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Same problem here.

Looks like some thing broken? I'm seeing the same problem here. Messages were sent to my device ok using FCM console notification test, but nothing works when try to send from GS integration test page.

The message seem to reached GCM server ok:

Status code: 200 Response body: id=0:1487189501812489%23c1c4f4f9fd7ecd

Any suggestion?

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I saw your post on facebook about the FCM tutorial. I followed it and now it's working properly.

Since our game send push notifications using GS messages like this 

Spark.sendMessageExt({}, "ANY_MSG_CODE", [Spark.getPlayer()]);

 I had to set the FCM Message Template as follow:


  "notification": {
    "title": "${summary}",
    "body": "${title}"

Good job guys

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