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How to set Leaderbaords to record the top 100 entries?

How can i record the top 100 leaderboard entries? Currently, based on the Leaderboard example, you have to beat the highest score to get an entry recorded. But i want entries recorded for the best 100 entries.

Has this todo with the default calculation?  Thanks

Hi  Laura, 

If you mean to cumulatively add scores together, the default calc should be set to count. This will post scores in an additive way. So two scores of 3 and 5 respectively will be reflected as 8 on the Leaderbaord. 

Does this answer your question? 

Best Regards, Patrick. 

Which calculation should i use for getting entries for each player (could be discarded if not top 100), so each time a player scores, he should enter the highscore, but only listed if he is under the top 100. To score, based on the default calculation requires to beat the highest score. But this is not feasible for my scope.

Is there a documentation for the calculation? I searched the API documentation, but couldn't find something.


How can i setup the Leaderboard, so it counts all entries, or all entries for the top 100?

Hi Laura,

Your best best would be to let people post scores to the leaderboard but then only retrieve the top 100 in your LeaderBoardDataRequest. You could drop entries after a a players posts a score and the rank is > 100 but I don't see the point in this. Can you explain your requirements in more detail ? 



Currently with calculation set to max or calc or it seems the other calcs too, once the Leaderboard has a max entries, all other "lower" entries are discarded. This means that once a player has the top "score", other players won't make it into the leaderboard. I work on RPG game and when there are players "leading" the leaderboard, there are no other entries.  

On for some reason, when i try to add two entries via the Testharness, it also just outputs a string, without updating the ladder, even if the score is higher. Recreated the leaderboard.  

 "@class": ".LogEventResponse"

It seems to work now. Thanks for your support Patrick!

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