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matchmaking stopped working

Since Friday, I have a problem with the matchmaking service. 

After calling matchmaking request, I never get a MatchFoundMessage/MatchUpdatedMessage. 

Until Friday it worked perfectly, but it fails most of the time since.

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Hi Yuval,

We are dealing with this in your ticket.



OK, but I didn't get reply to my posts in the support ticket.

I suspect that this is an issue on GameSparks' end, and I cannot work on my game.

A simple call to MatchMakingRequest from TestHarness returns successfully but does nothing on the game. When I tried another game, or even when replicated the same game, it works ok.

Would you please check what is wrong with the specific game account?

Sample call on Test Harness:


 "@class": ".MatchmakingRequest",

 "matchShortCode": "hitHead",

 "skill": 0


In the test game I get a "MatchFoundMessage" back, and In my original game I dont get any message back, not even a "MatchNotFound" message.

I replicated the code using a snapshot.

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