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Custom data int FindMatchRequest

Hi Gurus!

I have a scenario like this:

On client side (Unity) the player could choose from his available characters (he sets an active character in one of the scenes).

When he/she presses the find match button and sends the FindMatchRequest I would like to send that information as well. 

The other part would be how to get that piece of information in the Cloud Code?

(I mean in the Cloud Code -> Requests -> FindMatchRequest how to get that piece of data, so e.g. I could do some calculation with it?)



The correct title is Custom data in FindMatchRequest... Sorry.

Solution was found!

Use scriptData in request, and write a Cloud Code for that scriptData.

I tried it in Test Harness with AuthenticationRequest like this:


 "@class": ".AuthenticationRequest",

 "password": "password",

 "userName": "user",

 "scriptData": {

     "color": "red"



It fires up the AutheticatingRequest Cloud Code.

Worked like a charm! 

Sorry for posting instead of searching more.



Hi David,

The FindMatchRequest has been deprecated. You should use our MatchMakingRequest for all future matchmaking in your games. If you need any further info about this request and it's use just let us know.



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