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ListTeamChatResponse and TeamMessage inconsistency

TeamMessage does not contain a timestamp for when the message was posted. ListTeamChatResponse does have a timestamp (for each message).

If each message is stored with a timestamp in the backend database then it would be consistent if it was exposed to the client in both of these structures. No?

I actually ended up faking it by using DateTime.Now which was accurate enough for what I needed. Just wanted to help improve your service for the future.

Actually a second bug report... GSData.GetDate("when") throws an exception rather than parsing the field as a javascript-format-unix-time.

Hi James,

You could remedy this by placing the following in the Global SendTeamChatMessageRequest Cloud Code

Spark.setScriptData("when", new Date().getTime())


Team members would then receive the following message.

 "@class": ".TeamChatMessage",
 "chatMessageId": "58236d5023791d04d128223b",
 "fromId": "5668424ce4b0444485fc3b8d",
 "message": "My Test Message",
 "messageId": "58236d5023791d04d128223d",
 "notification": true,
 "ownerId": "5668424ce4b0444485fc3b8d",
 "playerId": "5668424ce4b0444485fc3b8d",
 "scriptData": {
  "when": 1478717008798
 "summary": "TeamChatMessage",
 "teamId": "1234567888999",
 "teamType": "test",
 "who": "match001"

The ListTeamChatResponse would contain a matching timestamp. The times may vary slightly depending on what other code you had executing in the message.

 "@class": ".ListTeamChatResponse",
 "messages": [
   "fromId": "5668424ce4b0444485fc3b8d",
   "id": "58236d5023791d04d128223b",
   "message": "My Test Message",
   "when": 1478717008798,
"who": "match001" } ] }

It's something we can look at adding as a default behaviour but the above should work for you for now.



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