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error message whenever I post in the forum


every time I post something in this forum I get redirected on the attached error page.

the actual message is posted correctly, but is sort of annoying that I have to close the tab, reopen the forums and navigate to where my post should be to check

using Chrome 54.0.2840.71 on OSX 10.11.4

Hi Mauro,

Sorry to hear this has been happening. We'll investigate the cause of this this issue and look to get it addressed.




I just opened a ticket and it returned the same error screen (ticket itself has been opened correctly, I received the confirmation email)

Hi Mauro,

Are you running any plugins in your Chrome browser currently ? If so can you try to post again with them turned off or from inside an incognito window ?



I do have some extension installed.

trying to post this with all of them disabled (no reboot)

error still present.

posting this from an incognito window

incognito did work

Hi Mauro,

OK, glad to hear that worked that way. This seems to be a chrome specific issue. Do you mind letting us know what extensions you currently have installed ? I can install them and see if I can replicate this issue on a test account.



these are the plugins and extension installed


these are chrome://plugins and chrome://extensions (saved as html)

(39.8 KB)
(48.4 KB)

Hi Mauro,

Thanks for the additional info, we'll get to the bottom of this.



Happens to me occasionally as well (Chrome user). 

any update?

Hey Mauro and Jeff, 

We have not as of yet been able to reproduce this. Could you both try clearing your cache? 

@Jeff could you provide any info on your installed plugins ? Maybe we can identify a plugin common to both of you that may be causing the issue. 

Look forward to hearing from you. 

Best Regards, Patrick. 

cleared cache, trying posting...

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