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UE4 blueprint: no host or port value avaialbe in match found messge

according to this tutorial:

each match found message supposed to have Host and port

value embedded in match found message. but when i do the test with proper  match query  in unreal engine , if gamespark found a match then it returns all the values except Host and port value.


here is my match request:


UGameSparksModuleLog: Send immediate request: {
    "@class":   ".MatchmakingRequest",
    "matchGroup":   "group1",
    "matchShortCode":   "MULTI_MCH",
    "skill":    18,
    "requestId":    "1478458304_4"

in case of match found here is the message:


UGameSparksModuleLog: WebSocket callback: {"@class":".MatchFoundMessage","gameId":301924,"matchData":{},"matchGroup":"group1","matchId":"581f7b8a4d6a8d05588e8986","matchShortCode":"MULTI_MCH","messageId":"581f7b8a4d6a8d05588e8992","notification":true,"participants":[{"displayName":"GS RegistrationRequest","externalIds":{ },"id":"581f7b7fb6a70d055b9e00b8","on
line":true,"peerId":2},{"displayName":"aaaetet","externalIds":{ },"id":"57f89a754c9564055f8d5b36","online":true,"peerId":1}],"playerId":"581f7b7fb6a70d055b9e00b8","summary":"MatchFoundMessage"}
UGameSparksModuleLog: Send immediate request: {
    "@class":   ".MatchDetailsRequest",
    "matchId":  "581f7b8a4d6a8d05588e8986",
    "requestId":    "1478458305_5"


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I'm not sure why it doesn't show up there, but if you add the Break GSMatchFoundMessage node, it has them, and they work.

I'm curious about how that works though if it doesn't show up in the message.

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solved. i had to enable  real time box in match configuration

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Good to know!

I have the same problem. real time box checked!

Upon request


    "@class": ".MatchmakingRequest",

    "matchShortCode": "testMatch",

    "skill": 1,

    "requestId": "1478948097_110"


I receive answers


No host port token data!

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Alex, the other data doesn't show up until the MatchFoundMessage.

Thanks for the answer, here's my fault. I have to match the settings of 3000 seconds to search. Not waiting for an answer that the match is found or the match not be found.

I continue to understand, connect SDK to my project.

I dont even know if my my two players are even connecting to the same sever.

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