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Platform Release 2016-11-03

Hi all,

It's been a while since the last, but finally, there is a another update with a list of fixes below.  Some new functionality added to Cloud Code as well as "Status" on messages, plus some updates to Pending Matches, Event Attributes and more.  See the list below for more details:

Bug --- JoinChallengeRequest used to fail if 'autoStartJoinedChallengeOnMaxPlayer' is true and the 'MaxPlayers' parameter is not specified.    10223
Story --- The tootltip in Virtual Goods configuration for the 'Disabled' checkbox didn't show help text. This is now added.    9579
Bug --- Creating subsequent pending matches in Cloud Code would create multiple instances even if using the same matched players group.  This is now fixed.    8915
Bug --- Removing a player from a drop-in/drop-out Match would sometimes give an incorrect error message.    9075
Bug --- Event Attribute default values now correctly support variables.    10643
Bug --- Spark.exit() method is now available in Cloud Code to terminate a script on demand.    10849
Story --- Incorrect first day of week was reported in Leaderboard data when formatting a date    11063
Feature    "Status" can now be set and viewed within a PlayerMessage.    11073
Bug --- Cloud Code editor would freeze in Chrome when repeatedly adding and deleting the "." to enable/disable auto-complete.    11231