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ScriptData Character encoding in Unreal Engine


I've been browsing around for a while and found nothing to answer my question, but sorry if I missed something.

So here is my problem :

I have data in my unreal engine project which may have accents (french here). When I update the data, it get uploaded to my GameSparks database. This seems to works perfectly fine.

When I go to the NoSQL database of my project, everything seems to be stored correctly, with accents.

Then, I need to get some of this data updated when different players access and modify it.

I have some events set in the "Cloud Code", which get the right data and send it to UE when needed.

When I execute the requests in the Test Harness, the returned JSON seems perfectly fine.

But, when in UE I ask for my GS ScriptData, all accents are replaced by «??», which is problematic.

I think it comes from UE, probably the GS SDK, since everything else seems to work as expected.

Any idea on how to fix this ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi James, 

We are investigating the issue for you. Apologies on the delay. 

Best Regards, Patrick. 

Hello everyone, 

I'm sorry to insist but this is very important to me, and would love some help on this ! I really don't know how to fix this...

Thanks in advance.

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