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Issue with GSMessageListeners Component

It appears that my GSMessageListeners Component is not receiving messages from GameSparks.

I am using the GS plugin for Unreal Engine 4.13.2 with Blueprints, and I am able to connect to GameSparks. I am also able to send requests and receive responses (see the log below), but none of the GSMessageListeners events are triggered. I have a different string set to print for each event (OnChallengeIssued, OnMatchFound, OnMatchNotFound, etc.). In my custom Player Controller Blueprint, I have tried both MatchmakingRequest and CreatChallengeRequest, but neither seems to trigger a message.

LogBlueprintUserMessages: [GSGameMode_C_0] Server: Send immediate request: {

    "@class": ".MatchmakingRequest",

    "matchShortCode": "MATCH1",

    "skill": 1,

    "requestId": "1477886628_86"


LogBlueprintUserMessages: [GSGameMode_C_0] Server: WebSocket callback: {"@class":".MatchmakingResponse","requestId":"1477886628_86"} 

LogBlueprintUserMessages: [GSPlayerController_C_0] Client 1: {

    "@class": ".MatchmakingResponse",

    "requestId": "1477886628_86"

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I found the problem. In Blueprints, the skill cannot be 0. I had updated the Skill in Blueprints to 1, but my match in Cloud Code was still set to a skill of 0 to 0. After changing it to 1-1, it worked.

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