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UE4 Blueprints - Getting Started

I feel like I'm probably missing something, but in UE4 Blueprints how do you actually get 2 people to join the same room? Does it use the built-in UE4 networking functionality? Are there blueprints specific to networking (aside from Connect/Disconnect) that come with the GameSparks plugin?


To clarify, I have already set up the plugin and created the GS GameMode in my game, which is able to connect. Essentially, I'm just looking for a "step 2". Once the client is connected to GS, how does it actually create/join/leave a session? is a good place to start, you need to create a match and connect the two players together, anything to do with gameplay you will have to use the gamesparks realtime

Thanks! I just followed the Heathstone example, and it's making a lot more sense now.
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