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Unreal Engine Real Time Session



I would like to know if there is any more information on Unreal Engine RTSession. I've been searching through the documentation, and I found multiple tutorials for unity, but none for unreal. I've tried a few things, but I lack skills and/or info on this.

Is there a tutorial somewhere for UE about real time I missed ?


I just need some info to get updated for everyone when players are connected at the same time, I think I've got the RTsession right on UE, and I update my database through events, but I don't know how to intercept those updates and replicate them to other players.


I would appreciate a lot some help on this !


Thanks in advance.

Hi Phani

Can you try opening two unreal projects not one project with two play modes to test this please?



hi, please look the below screenshots ..i have attached screenshots of how i set up the game ... i have seen the output log and i see 2 errors mainly 

1) Error in starting RT session .. but print string is working fine (attached screenshot)

2) errors in shape logic, deactivate shape ( Accessed none is the error) - i have attached screenshot of this too ... please look into it and help me solve these issues .. thank you

Hi Özgür

You can find our real time guide for Unreal here



Hi I am a newbie about multiplayer UE4 and I can not do anything. I did not understand. You have tutorials only for Unity. Are you gonna add any tutorial for UE4 Real Time Multiplayer. Also I tried to open your tetris game but it did not work. Can you help me?



tetris project wont open. i have 4.15 version . It says rebuild failed .pls help

No problem Martin, I apologise it wasn't clear enough the first time.

Have an awesome day,


Success ! It works perfectly fine, thank you very much !

All I needed was to start the session... should have figured it out myself.

Thanks again, have a great day :)

Oh ok I had it already, I didn't notice ! Thanks I'm going to check it out, with luck it should be enough to put me on the right track.

Thanks again, I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Hey Martin,

If you download the Unreal SDK from here you'll have two things downloaded. 

1)The SDK itself which you can play around with

2)The example projects. We have a few example projects, each one comes with a level. Please find the Tetris level under Content -> RT -> Via Blueprint -> TetrisMap

Once you open this Tetris map, check the GameMode for it. I have fully commented it. It will demonstrate how to create an RT Sesh, receive information, send it and replicate it. 

Unreal's replication takes care of a lot for you, including spawning and updating the position of your actors. THis will need to be done manually by you.  Like I said, I intend to create tutorials in the near future to help you with this. 



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Hi Omar,

Thank you for your quick response !

I did not found your Tetris Game example project, when I put Tetris in the search bar I get nothing. Could you please provide a link ?

What I'm trying to do is not really a game, but I need for my users to be able to update items on the NoSQL DB (which works), I created my event for it and send it each time they do a modification.

Now I need to keep all the data the same for everyone, so I'm trying with real time.

What I've done is player matchmaking, which seem to work fine, and then with RTSession I send the id of the modified item, which I think works too, but I can't get anything on the "OnDataDelegate" event of RTSession.

I've tried writing a RealTime Script, which get the id (string(0)) and then send back all data to target peers :

RTSession.onPacket(100, function(packet){
    var equipCollection = Spark.runtimeCollection("equipCollection");
    var updateId = packet.getData().getString(0);
    var item = equipCollection.findOne({"_id": updateId});

I put a print on the OnDataDelegate, but I don't get anything.

I think I might do something wrong, but have no idea what it is...

Hi Martin, 

I will be working on similar Unity tutorials for Unreal in the near future.

But for now can you give me an example of things you wish to intercept and replicate? Also, have you checked out our example project for RT on Unreal (Tetris Game)?


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