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Cloud Code on GooglePlayBuyGoodsResponse, auto-redeeming virtual goods?

Hey all,

Noticed in the Cloud Code editor that I do not seem to be able to plug in code to the GooglePlayBuyGoodsResponse events.

How are these sent? Can I listen for them on Cloud Code?

I'm trying to auto-redeem virtual goods on the behalf of a user, so I want to be able to pass that "boughtItems" array off to a utility function that performs a "ConsumeVirtualGoodRequest" on the behalf of a user and grants them the contents. Basically, whenever a user buys a certain type of our goods, it should automatically grant them the rewards.

What's the best way to go about this?



Hi Ryan,

All of the BuyGoodsRequests will return a BuyVirtualGoodResponse. So any Cloud Code you want to add when a purchase is made can go in there. You can bundle goods within a Virtual Goods config in portal. So if a player bought a particular good it can come with other configured goods. You could also do this manually in the response as you are currently doing. This would offer some further customization of the rewarding process. If you have an further questions just let us know.



I want to get a currency when buying a google play virtual good. How can I do that? In Unreal 4 the VirtualGoodResponse has nodes for "currencies added". Thanks in advance.

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