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gamesparks plugin for corona sdk


Currently I am working on a corona sdk game,i want to expand that game to include multiplayer features but most importantly social features such as facebook integration(leaderboards,achivements, the way King integrates that in their candy crush saga) I have researched a lot when it comes to backend solutions,but two out of all of them look good to me. 

1.gamesparks.(doesn't has a plugin for corona)

2.playfab(has a plugin for corona)

 Now the problem with gamesparks is that corona doesn't support it with a plugin whereas playfab is supported but it is kinda confusing for me because they offer multiplayer support with photon(and I do not like their pricing).


I am a indie developer and i really like gamesparks indie program.

So,Is there a plugin or other documentation or support for corona by gamesparks,(i.e,how to integarate corona with gamesparks).

Can you guys develop a plugin for corona,that would really reduce a lot of pain

I would really love to use gamesparks because i think it offers best pricing for indies among all the products out there and holds an edge over other backend services..

Other corona developers would surely love it because of a real cross-platform backend(BaaS) with a great pricing.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Lokesh,

Thanks for submitting a feature request. We'll pass it on to the dev team for review.



Hey! GameSparks now has a Corona plugin! Just thought I'd ping @prabhat kumar and spread the news!

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