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Device Disconnectivity


I am trying to build a " player disconnect system" for my card game.

Basically, i used the hearthstone tutorial to connect players together. ( matchmaking + challenge events).

Both players must be online at the same time. I am using script messages so both players communicate together.

Everything is neat and clean thanks for your support :)

Now my main issues are:

A1. I want to know when the below variables/delegates/messages are triggered  ( during the events in point A2):

-  GS.GameSparksAuthenticated

-  GS.GameSparksAvailable

-  SessionTerminatedMessage

-  PlayerDisconnectMessage

-  GS.Authenticated

-  GS.Available

A2. The events are:

- User quit game either by killing app or quitting the game from inside app

- Device screen locks

- User receives a call

- User opens another app ( putting the current game on the device background )

- Wifi is off ( user passing by a tunnel or user turned wifi off by mistake) while game is still opened.

I read lots of posts here but i really got confused on the best practice to build a disconnectivity system.

Thank you in advance.

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A3. Can you show an example on unity on how to use the delegate GS.GameSparksAuthenticated

Thanks :)

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