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Best tools and process to create and maintain a spreadsheet in a collection?

We love making games which usually means we love working in spreadsheets. What is your process for uploading and updating / maintaining spreadsheet data in GameSparks' collections?

Right now I use google spreadsheets and a chrome plugin "Export Sheet Data" to export that data as an array and completely replace a collection by manually pasting the array from the starting bracket to the end. I found its easier to clear a collection and completely replace it since it's tough to update.

It's not pretty, but it works. Any better alternatives? What's your process?

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Hi One More Turn,

Apologies for the delayed resposne. We have a guide on How to Process XML and JSON files which you can find here. This should give you the basics on how to go about processing your files. Have a read through that and if you require any further assistance just let us know.



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