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Can I implement leaderboards with friends and push notifications using GameSparks?

 Hi! a collegaue of mine massively recommended GameSparks. I was wondering if I could use it to do what I want to do..

I have a mobile game built in Unity. I would like to implement two things in particular..

1. Have a shared leaderboard between friends (facebook friends I guess, or some alternative friends contacts list if there is a good one, I dunno)

Ideally all a persons friend who have also played the game should show up on the leaderboard

2. If a player beats their friends high score their friend will get a push notification to that effect

Could I do this with GameSparks?

Do I even need GameSparks? Could I do this with facebooks game service alone?

ps. I am also planning to have microtransactions (the main one being the choice to upgrade the game to an ad-free version) Could I handle the microtransations with gamesparks?

Thanks very much for any response!!

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Hi Brian,

Yes once you have friends in a game and in the same leaderboard you can use a SocialLeaderboardDataRequest to return the social ranks amongst your friends. On our leaderboards you can turn on Social Notifications. When this is set to on a SocialRankChangedMessage will be sent when a players rank in a leaderboard changes with respect to the rank of their friends. This can be configured to send a push notification.



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