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Mongo 3.2 for Preview Environment.

Hi All,

As part of our commitment to continually improving the stability, scalability and functionality of the GameSparks platform, we are very pleased to announce the planned upgrade of our Preview environment to use MongoDB 3.2. We are planning on performing the upgrade on the preview environments starting on the 10th October.

We will follow this by upgrading our Live environment the week commencing 24th October.

The upgrade to MongoDB 3.2 contains a number of new features including Document Validation, Partial Indexes and Aggregation pipeline enhancements such as $sample and $lookup. 

Please be aware you will be unable to use the new features until we have completed the upgrade in Live. Doing so before the Live environment upgrade may cause your games to become unusable.

We have performed extensive testing of MongoDB 3.2 in our pre-production environments and are impressed with the backwards compatibility, stability and increased performance.

Whilst we expect no impact to existing games we encourage you to review your games and ensure they are functioning as expected in the Preview environment. If you do encounter any issues - or have any other concerns - then please raise a support ticket.


The GameSparks Team

That's awesome! I've been waiting for this.

To be clear, $lookup and $sample won't work even on the preview servers after October 10th until it's pushed to live on the 24th?

The functions will be available as of the 10th in preview. At this time we discourage use of them until all of the Live clusters have been rolled out on the 24th. 

The reason being, if you enable some of the new functionality on a game in preview and publish it to live your game will not function due to missing the functions required.


The GameSparks Team

Hi! Good Job! When is the maintenance expected to end today?


We are pleased to announce Mongo 3.2 has been deployed into all of our preview environments. 

Currently we are verifying all is well and will be closing the maintenance window within the next hour.

Kind regards,

The GameSparks Team

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