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Retrieving fields sent with Unity WWWForm

I've been following the example here to upload files with Unity:

In the example, custom post data is added to the request when the file is uploaded:

form.AddField("somefield", "somedata");

 How can I retrieve this data on the cloud code side?

Hi Benjamin,

If you add the following to your UploadCompleteMessage you will be able to keep a custom runtime collection with all of the details of the files uploaded by users. This would include any data that you set to the "uploadData" of the GetUploadUrlRequest.


//in your UploadCompleteMessage Cloud Code

var dataToGrab = Spark.getData().uploadData;

var uploadedFiles = Spark.runtimeCollection("uploadedFiles");

var success = uploadedFiles.insert({"uploadedData":dataToGrab})

//example request

 "@class": ".GetUploadUrlRequest",

//example of document in custom collection after successful upload 

 "_id": {
  "$oid": "58053fc538c31604dd9a69c7"
 "uploadedData": {
  "fileName": "eb7a5ecf50ce40d59132877706c46efe-2016-09-07_17h13_43.jpg",
  "uploadId": "eb7a5ecf50ce40d59132877706c46efe",
  "test": "value",
  "fileSize": 689094,
  "origFileName": "2016-09-07_17h13_43.jpg",
  "playerId": "5800f32a8b146964b4b4038f"


You will then be able to query this as you would a normal collection. If you have any further questions just let me know.



Does this mean the POST data added to the form with AddField is not accessible through cloud code?
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