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New user here, trying to follow the Kongregate Authentication tutorial but failing

Hello, I'm a new GameSparks user around here and just started using it today. I'm planning to use GameSparks in the future along with Unity for my games and also planned to upload the games to Kongregate. As a result, I'm learning how to use GameSparks early.

So, I tried following the Kongregate Authentication tutorial that's available here but I'm not sure if I'm getting the desired result. I already downloaded the test game and uploaded it to Kongregate (not published it). Once I'm done, I copied the API key of my game and pasted it in the correct Integration section. Now, I don't know what should happen next. From the tutorial, it says that when I return to my game, it should display a connect request with a gameAuthToken and userId but as far as I'm concern, that's not happening to me.

I've attached a file to show the problem. Also, is there like an in-depth tutorial available somewhere that shows stuffs like how to save game data to GameSparks based on Kongregate user ID?

(55.5 KB)

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I had the same result, but made a bit further progress. I added in the javascript:   

console.log("kongregate userID: " + userId);

        console.log("kongregate authtoken: " + gameAuthToken);

and that prints the userId and token to the console at least and you can copy and paste from there.

working on it right now. I think our actual game is running into a CORS problem, but not sure either.

Small bit of extra information is that when I pasted the correct userID and authtoken into the request it did generate the correct output from the test harness as per the tutorial.

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