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Challenge Messages Adhoc Timings

Hi, we are testing out issuing challenges and receiving messages based on the various challenge states. We are having trouble understanding the random times at which these messages are generated. It seems that it is not an event driven system but rather a scheduled job driven system. What that means is:

1) You cannot rely on the autoStartJoinedChallengeOnMaxPlayers flag because it will auto start only when the scheduled job kicks in regardless of whether the max players condition has been met.

2) You cannot rely on the ChallengeStartedMessage or other state update mesages because they will only kick in at some adhoc scheduled time.

The only messages that kick in immediately are user driven messages, i.e, when a challenge is issued, accepted or rejected. The scheduled messages based on start time and start / end conditions are generated at unreliable times in the test harness.

Additionally when we query the challenge via requests or even look at the database directly, the challenge is not updated to an EXPIRED state at the correct expiry time. So its essentially unusable by us. 

How are we supposed to use the challenge start conditions and expiry time and so on if the platform does not update the state of the challenge or generate the relevant messages at the expected times?

Another note is that your documentation needs some serious rewriting where concepts are explained in a clearer manner. It is very difficult to understand many aspects of the system due to the quality of the documentation and this can seriously impact the adoption of this otherwise powerful system.

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