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anyone having problems with unity cloud build?

My game builds fine on local but in cloud build I get

[Unity] -----CompilerOutput:-stdout--exitcode: 1--compilationhadfailure: True--outfile: Temp/Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll

on all my gameSparks projects.

Tried clean build, updated Gamesparks and all other plug-ins etc. Basic unity git ignore. Idk what's wrong.

Hi One More Turn,

I've attempted this myself with a test game that includes GameSparks and some basic GameSpark functionality. The Cloud build built out successfully for both Android and native Windows 64 bit, so far I'm unable to replicate this issue. My colleague is attempting the same with a different test project, I'll post the results when the Cloud build has complete. 

Kind regards,

 - Steve

Hi One More Turn,

My colleague has also successfully built his test project which integrates GameSparks on the Unity Cloud builder.

Kind regards,

 - Steve

Did they update their gameSparks sdk from Unity? That's the one difference I had to trigger it.

I was able to build the game in the cloud from the faithful drag and drop of the GameSparks unity package. Built in the cloud fine.

Then I updated the sdk within unity via the "Update SDK" editor button. Built and ran locally. All good. Committed those changes and I get the unity cloud build failing.

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