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Bug in snippets popups

When I'm in a "modal-large" popup, if I open a "modal-small" popup, it opens it in front of the other one (ok), but if I open a "modal" popup, it opens it behind t he first one (which is annoying).

Hi Eric, 

If possible can you replicate this in a test game to show us this in action ? If not can you tell us how to replicate the steps in your game ? If you could also let us know the id of the game we can take a closer look at this for you.




Do you have any news when the order of the popups will be fixed ?

Order should be "modal-large" - "modal" - "modal-small"

but is currently "modal" - "modal-large" - "modal-small"

So "modal" popups are behind "modal-large" popups and we can't see them...


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