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Advice for an Article Based App

Hi there,

I'm developing a media app that pull news/images/videos from different sources. 

And i want to know if i'm using GameSparks the best possible way or not? If not, then please advise what should i change/improve.

- User authenticates with device (already done)

- User select a news article or video and bookmark it (Ill create a bookmark event on portal with fields such as title, description, uid, thumbnail and url pointing to that article and save it in a collection with user id.

- Another user login and bookmark the very same article, cloud code first check if there is same article using its uid or description in collection, if so, add this user id to array of user ids.

- when user goes to bookmarks, i retrieve first 100 articles sorted by created date and filtered by that player id.

ill index player id array of article, uid and description.

as user can also search articles by keywrods = description.

Why im saing all of that info (title, description, uid, link etc) because these articles will come from different social sources, i convert them into standard format and save that format into cloud so i dont hv to deal with different types of source formats.

Now my question, what happens when lets say a million user start to bookmark, retrieve, search these articles? will it impact performance?  How can i optimize my given approach?

what should i use? collections or properties? any other advice?


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Hi Ali,

Just posting here to say this was handled in the ticket system.



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