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Sharing my improvements to the Script Log admin screen.

I have some improvements to the "Script Log" admin screen that I wouldn't mind contributing back upstream, or if that isn't possible, is there any mechanic for doing importing other peoples cloud scripts, or should I just post each one that was modified here?

Here is a screenshot - primary differences are 

1. showing elapsed-time-since-timestamp instead of the timestamp itself

2. showing player's display name instead of their id

3. added button to clear the log table (as a helper while experimenting)

4. added button to log an event that looks like '----------------------' (as a helper while experimenting)

Hi James,

If you go to Admin Screens you can export your scripts there, all you need to do is press the export button located on the Screen Builder tab next to Import from library.


Unfortunately there is no way to share any scripts or files directly through GameSparks, but what you can do is post any modification to this tool and we may have it moved to the tips and tricks forum if thats OK with you.


- Tony.

Sorry for the long delay, but I am just getting back into this.

I have performed the steps to export the screen and associated snippets as you described above; the resulting json file is attached.

You have my permission to reuse/share/repost or generally do whatever you want to with it '-) I found it much much more useful with these minor improvements and hopefully other people will as well.

Just stumbled upon this - thanks a lot for sharing!


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