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Unreal GS MatchmakingRequest node Action field Error


I'm just starting learning my way around GameSparks, and I'm confused about something regarding the GS MatchmakingRequest node in the Unreal plugin.

In the TestHarness, I can authenticate as two different players (in different browser tabs) and send a 


 "@class": ".MatchmakingRequest",

 "matchGroup": "group1",

 "matchShortCode": "MULTI_MCH",

 "skill": 0


(Following the tutorial here : )

Which works great, and both players get the expected


 "@class": ".MatchFoundMessage",


Now however that's using the shortened MatchmakingRequest, the default, complete one you get when clicking the TestHarness GUI is :


 "@class": ".MatchmakingRequest",

 "action": "",

 "customQuery": {},

 "matchData": {},

 "matchGroup": "",

 "matchShortCode": "",

 "participantData": {},

 "skill": 0


Which contains "action". The API Documentation tells me :

"The action to take on the already in-flight request for this match. Currently supported actions are: 'cancel' "

So the only valid "action" is "cancel", which, well, cancels the request. And of course then you don't get a MatchFoundMessage .

Now, that's where I hit a wall : in the TestHarness, you can just omit "action" in the JSON, and it works, but the with the Unreal node, the field is there and can be left empty or filled, but definitely not omitted.

So either I put "cancel" in and get no error, but then no match found, or leave it empty and get an error. It seems there's no way this can work as it is.

Am I missing something there?

Thank you very much for any assistance.

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I managed to get around this issue by creating a custom event that makes the MatchmakingRequest through Cloud Code, without setting the action param :

var request = new SparkRequests.MatchmakingRequest();

    request.matchGroup = "group1";

    request.matchShortCode = "MULTI_MCH";

    request.skill = 0;

    var response = request.Send();

var scriptData = response.scriptData;

Still, if someone could confirm if I'm doing something wrong the UE node, it'd be nice.

I was able to get around it in UE4 by changing Skill to 1 instead of 0. However, my GSMessageListeners component still isn't working, so I'm not sure if getting 'around it' is enough.

I am also facing same problem, any solutions ?

Hi all

The action parameter does not need to be filled in for the blueprint matchmaking request.
Leaving it blank will not cause an error the skill does need to be set, leaving skill blank or 0 will cause an error.

@Chris Field
Is the GSMessageListeners component working at all or is it just for matchmaking that you are not getting messages.



in ue4, when i do print string the json data, it says match code not found while in test harness, everything works fine!! pls help?

ue4 node.png
(235 KB)
Hi Phani

A match code not found error, Means that the shortcode given is not right.
Can you make sure the match shortcode is correct and they are no extra spaces.
Can you attach a screenshot with the blueprint error.



hi, thanks katie ... look at the screenshots... short code is the same as in the Game Sparks without spaces , but still i get error in ue4!!

(257 KB)
(96.1 KB)
bp error.PNG
(420 KB)

Even Device authentication works... but short code not found .. pls help me with this!!

(399 KB)

Hi Phani

Can you make sure that the game you are connecting to in the Unreal blueprint(API Key and secret ) is the same as the game you have the match set up in.

When you create a new user in your game do they appear in the gamesparks portal for your game?

You can check a player has been created by checking the noSQL explorer->collections->system->player.




i only setup one game with api and key and yes, they are connected to correct one through unreal blueprint. i have checked it and i can find the player via no sql explorer .. check the screenshot.

pls help for resolving the problem.

(81.3 KB)
Hi Phani,

Can you create a ticket for this issue,
Tickets are private and you will be able to share more details of the game and the problem.
Please include all data you have on the problem in the ticket.



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