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Real-Time service for Cocos2d-x SDK

Hi, is there any tutorial on how to set up real time session using the cocos2d-x sdk? Or is it supported?
The Tutorial only covered on the unity sdk, documents about using RTSessionInfo and RTData. But i did a search on the cocos2d-x sdk and do not find these keywords.

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Hey Darren,

You can view our documentation on integrating Coscos2d-x SDK with your project here.

It should be noted that there are no in depth tutorials available for the Coscos2d-x SDK. 

Hope this helps,

- Tony.

Hi, i have already passed the step of integrating the SDK.
The problem now is i need to use the Real-Time multiplayer feature but know no method of doing so. I'm suspecting that it is not supported for the Cocos2d-x sdk?

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