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Score Based Asynchronous vs. Turn Based Match

I'm confused about Gamesparks different "categories" of multiplayer. I was originally assuming that turn based multiplayer was like it is in Google Play Games where it is asynchronous and you basically take your turn whenever convenient and matches potentially go on for a few days but based on the docs it seems like Gamesparks turn based multiplayer is more like you enter a match and take turns until it is over and if you leave you lose.

Then I noticed Asynchronous score based matches in the docs, but based on everything I've read about that it's just Player 1 takes a turn, Player 2 takes a turn, whoever has the highest score wins.

Can either of these multiplayer types do actual asynchronous turn based multiplayer? If so what am I missing?


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Hi Matthew,

Apologies for the delayed response. Yes you can do Asynchronous multiplayer and take your turn whenever is convenient as you would expect from normal Asynchronous play. The tutorials you looked at are indeed set up to work off a score based system but you aren't limited to only doing that. Once your challenge is set to have a scripted outcome you can define any win criteria you want in Cloud Code and once a player hits that declare them the winner. You can do that in cloud Code using SparkChallenge. If you'd like to tell us a little bit more about what you're working on we can help point you in the right direction.



Ok thanks for the response. Looking back at the docs for Score-Based Challenge, I think I see how that can be adapted to work for a general turn based asynchronous "match"

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