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Scheduler max calls count

I need send messages to my challenge every second during the game.
And I call Scheduler from the module, which is called from Scheduler:

in global challenge started message:

theScheduler.inSeconds("SEND_IS_ALIVE", 1, { "challangeID" : chal.getId() });

in SEND_IS_ALIVE module: 

/// some condition
theScheduler.inSeconds("SEND_IS_ALIVE", 1, { "challangeID" : chal.getId() });
///some code

 but in some moment SEND_IS_ALIVE module, stops send messages to players, seems that Scheduler stop working. Maybe it has some limit of calls from same module?

One more question. In description of scheduler`s inSeconds function I read - "the scheduled script will run in context of current player", but what if I call scheduler from GlobalMessage?

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Hi Stephanie,

What is the purpose of sending "is alive" every second ? Why not just update when dead ("not alive"), can you go into a bit more detail on what it is you are trying to do here so we can point you in the right direction ? Are you using a turn based challenge between two players ? 



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