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Leaderboard depending on rank on other leaderboards

We have one score leaderboard for each level using partitions (so hundreds of leaderboards).

I want to keep a list of the user's first place social (among friends) rankings in all these leaderboards, and have a separate leaderboard with the number of first place rankings as the score. Is there a good suggested way to do this?


Hi Baris, 

Apologies for the delayed response, so, just to clarify, you have leaderboards partitioned by level, so a player can have a rank on any of these levels based on how they scored on that particular level. Now you want to create a leaderboard based on social ranks from these partitions among friends ? i.e friend 1 is ranked 1 socially in 5 of these partitions, so they will have a score of 5 in this new leaderboard you are trying to create ? Does that sound right ? Let me know and we'll try to assist you here.



Yes, this is correct. The only addition is, I'd like to be able to see the (top-3) rank breakdown of each player as well, e.g. 1 first place, 5 second places, 2 third places, having a score of 8.

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