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Custom LogEvents are UKNOWN in live configuration

We're just about to submit a release candidate of our game, but after I've created a GameSparks configuration for the launch and published it using the GameSparks developer portal, I get a response saying '{"eventKey":"UNKNOWN"}' everytime I send a LogEventRequest.

I'm running the game in Unity and when I have the 'Preview Build' option ticked in the GameSparksSettings, everything works fine, but as soon as I untick that one, I get the above mentioned error. What am I missing here?

Any input and help is appreciated, as we're in quite a hurry to get this done and we've got no clue what's wrong.



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Hi all

It looks like the unity build is pointing towards the dev game where the latest snapshot was not published but copied to a new game and published there

Since it has copied to a new game you would need to change the api key  and secret in Unity or publish the latest snapshot on dev.



Having the same issue here, everything is working but ListGameResponse() returns empty. Have screenshot for a live build and api keys and secrets, facebook app ids etc in proper order. Not only does ListGameResponse() return empty in the Unity editor build, it also returns empty in the test harness when switched to live. Any help appreciated.

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