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Custom LogEvents are UKNOWN in live configuration

We're just about to submit a release candidate of our game, but after I've created a GameSparks configuration for the launch and published it using the GameSparks developer portal, I get a response saying '{"eventKey":"UNKNOWN"}' everytime I send a LogEventRequest.

I'm running the game in Unity and when I have the 'Preview Build' option ticked in the GameSparksSettings, everything works fine, but as soon as I untick that one, I get the above mentioned error. What am I missing here?

Any input and help is appreciated, as we're in quite a hurry to get this done and we've got no clue what's wrong.



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Hi Liam,

That's correct, but not the issue here.

The copied snapshot already has those events defined, and is also published. Yet, the event are not available on "Live" version.

Try it yourself:

1. Create a new game

2. Copy a snapshot from an existing game to the new game

3. In the new game - connect to a "Live" version of it (even from test harness) and try to call a defined event.

You'll get {eventKey: "UNKNOWN"} in the response.


In the game you've copied your snapshot to, are you creating a new snapshot before publishing? The snapshot created when you copy between configs is a pre-copy snapshot so that you can revert in the event you introduce any unwanted behaviour. The flow would need to be:

1. Create a new game

2. Copy your snapshot from existing game to new game (this will automatically create a snapshot in the new game preserving it's state prior to the copy operation).

3. Create a snapshot in the new game (this snapshot will include the copied config).

4. Publish snapshot.

5. Connect to the live game and test.

Could you try this out and let us know if you're still having trouble?



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