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GameSparks AdminView in Unity Editor

What would be great is, if GS could implement a custom Editor script that lets users do some of the stuff we need to do today from the UnityEditor itself.

Unity Editor is powerful and is customizable, and is popular game engine, if you could build or open Admin API for developers to be able to access the GSPortal from within the UnityEditor that will be a great Win for the Sparks. 

Few unity packages that makes this happen in a small way: 

- CloudOnce (TrollPlants), 

- Cross Platform Native Plugins - (Voxel Busters)

They don't have a backend. Instead they help you connect to the platform provided cloud for storing data, and accessing achievements and Leaderboard. 

Hi Fauna,

So you'd like to be able configure your game from the Unity Editor itself ? I don't think we've ever had a request for that before, it's an interesting one for sure. I'll run it be the dev team.



Yes, from the UnityEditor itself. Why not? If I can see the following in the editor (which is technically possible) or configurable from the editor, your API/SDK is gone to the next level: 

All User/Custom:  [~Most of items under Configurator Tab]

- Events

- Properties

- VirtualGoods

- Leaderboards

- Achievements

- Etc..

// View: [Every thing under: Manage Tab]

You could show more of System events, properties etc.

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