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Platform Release 2016-08-11

There have been a few enhancements to the Portal during this release including some enhancements to Virtual Goods and Property Sets as well as Analytics receiving a new Chart for Maximum Concurrent Users.  As well as that, you may have been receiving some of our new e-mail notifications and extra Cryptography features in Cloud Code using Spark.getDigester().

Story --- A new chart in Analytics Performance shows the maximum concurrently connected (MAU) users (8851) 

Bug-fix --- Names for mongo collections can no longer contain forward slashes (8153) 

Bug-fix --- Team Achievements can now be repeated when set to 'repeatable' (8757) 

Bug-fix --- Customers will receive an automated email when they have been inactive for one month (8169) 

Story --- It is now possible to see script log entries for push notification certificates that have expired (8931) 

Bug-fix --- Spark.getDigester() object has been added to Cloud Code for extra Cryptography functionality (9067) 

Story --- Virtual Goods can be disabled in the configuration so that they are not available to the ListVirtualGoodsRequest and BuyVirtualGoodsRequest. (9445) 

Story --- Segmentation on Properties and Property Sets has been enhanced (9455)