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Platform Release 2016-07-26

This release mainly focuses on some further improvements to matchmaking and the ability to find matches based on custom queries as well as assigning arbitrary match participant data to a match.  There have also been some minor changes to e-mail templates and portal timeout sessions as well as teams and PSN service labels.

Story --- Send user emails when upgraded to ISP (7881)

Story --- E-mails received when added as a collaborator to a game have been rebranded (7215)

Story --- Automated emails will now be received when publishing the first snapshot of a game (8161)

Story --- Portal session timeouts have now been extended to 4 hours (8039)

Story --- Support for the PSN service label has now been implemented. (8081)

Story --- Included the ability to add participant data or match data to Matches. Added the capability to search these data using a custom query. (8089)

Story --- There is now the ability to retrieve and change team names through Cloud Code methods .getTeamName and .setTeamName (8721)

Bug-fix --- Bulk scheduler jobs cannot be initiated from system-scheduled cloud code (e.g. MINUTE scripts) (8083)

Bug-fix --- A team configuration cannot be deleted if it is being used by a leaderboard that has no attribute. This is fixed. (7623)

Bug-fix --- Game publishing problems with infinity values in the meta-collections have now been fixed (8567)

Bug-fix --- Exporting custom analytics data has now been fixed (8575)