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Copy Live Leader board data from one to another

Please I need help like pronto,

Want to copy a leader board data that I had from a previous leader board to a new one. The only thing that changed in the new leader board is that it has been timed (monthly).

Read a little so far on using cloud code and bulk operations but have no Idea how to start

Hi Oluwaseye,

How many users were there in the leaderboard ? It would be possible for to you a bulk request or custom event to re post the scores as the users who posted them originally. Can you give me the details of the leaderboard you need this done on and the name of your game ? I'll take a closer look at this for you.



Thaks Liam,

Well it has increased to 56 from the last time

Trying to copy from lbglobal-leaderboard to MONTHLY_LB-leaderboard in GidiRun game

Would love to know how I could do it myself, so I don't bug you all the time. Also found something relating to doing it using the REST api but like I said still no idea to start. Just need some directions. 

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