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Preview Server Stability


I've noticed a few times while testing the responses I would get would all say there was an error saying "Client Timeout".  I'm using the preview server currently for testing ''.  I'm curious if this is normal behavior.  It doesn't happen often, and is only down for 10-20 minutes at a time.  It happened earlier today about 4pm CST (give or take some time) for about 10 minutes and came back.

I see the status page is always green, so I assume it might just be the preview server or something.  Is this to be expected sometimes with the preview server?

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Hi Jeff,

Our status page isn't reporting any outages at that time. It's possible there was a network issue at your end. You say this has happened before, do you have a rough time of when and how many times it has happened before ? Was it around the same time on each particular day or just random ?



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