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Search with replace in cloud code editor

A little digging revealed that the cloud code editor is an embedded version of ACE. 

Search and replace is currently tedious and error prone. You have to search for each instance by manually clicking the next button, then click again to put the cursor next to the word, then type the change, then click search again, repeat, hope you found them all, etc. It sounds trivial, but my coding speed has been demolished by these kinds of "polish" features we take for granted in a real IDE.

Over time, this user experience friction will compound and the value of GameSparks as a service will diminish as frustration grows. It's not hyperbole or a rage quit threat. :D It's real a business consideration for GameSparks. I'd like to see the service continue far into the future so it can support my games. :)

The good news is that these kinds of UX problems are mostly easy and quick to fix. The shame is that they have not been addressed ever before. Do you guys have a UX person on the team who uses the tools on a real project? You need one.

Aaaanyway, there's currently no way to do a search with replace in GameSparks that I know of, but the underlying ACE editor supports it. So it is a matter of adding a second input box in the search popup, and implementing the replace when that input field is not empty.

More info at

Here's how you can perform a replace:



Hi Jason,

Thanks for your input, as mentioned before the portal is getting a complete overhaul soon. I'll pass this on to the dev team for review.




I found that I can use "search and replace" by cmd+F (ctrl+F) twice.


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Yes I can confirm this does indeed work. Thanks Jo, I was unaware of this feature. Jason does this satisfy your requirements here ? 



Just confirmed it, too. Excellent! Thank you both! :)

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