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Gamesparks with Construct 2 and JAVA Script SDK


after I was searching for a while the forum and couldn’t find any solution for my problem, I’ll just ask my question here.

I intend to create my game with Construct 2 ( For the background service I want to use Gamesparks with the SDK Plugin from Scirra (


However, I don’t have the practical knowledge to really make use of it.


Could anyone help me with examples or ideas?

Hi Michael,

Just updating this post with the answer from your ticket. While we don't support Consruct2 out of the box, we do offer a JavaScript SDK which can be used in conjunction with Construct 2's JavaScript SDK. There are even tutorials on scirra's website on how to integrate a backend service such as ours into your Construct game with the JavaScript SDK.

If you would like to request a custom plugin or extended features please feel free to log a request in our Feature Requests forum.



According to this post on the scirra forums, Gamesparks was supposed to be working on a Construct2 SDK. Is that still the case or has that been abandoned?



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