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Documentation: flow of messages and variables

For turn based, a comprehensive flow chart of all the messages along with variables and when they are updated.

What happens after a LogEventRequest?  What happens when consumeTurn is called?  When is ChallengeTurnTaken triggered?

Hi Vince,

When consumeTurn is called the challenge will move onto the nextPlayer. When a LogChallengeEvent is called, the ChallengeTurnTakenMessge will be sent to all players in the challenge, this will repeat until the end of the challenge. If there is anything specific that's not clear here just let me know and I'll take you through it.



Where is this in the documentation?


This does not appear true.

If I call a LogChallengeEvent, ChallengeTurnTakenMessge  is sent to all players; however, this does not occur if LogChallengeEvent returns an error? i.e.:

Spark.setScriptError("Error", "Already pulled card this round");

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