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Would love a "cloud code recipes" section, submitted by both staff and and users (similar to IFTTT's site)

Most devs here have used IFTTT at least once -- they have this recipe system that's amazing!

It would be fantastic to display "recipes", filtered by popularity, searchable.

Staff could submit a few to start (the top contributions to tips forum).

GameSparks is a HUGE app, yet for some common tasks (player password recovery, display full detailed virtualGoods of current user, etc) are missing. Sure most of these you can add it via cloud code, but it seems a bit dumb to constantly reinvent the wheel. I can probably Google for a few hours and MAYBE find something, but if all "cloud code recipes" were in 1 place, that would be amazing. 

If I found out something amazing, I'd want to share it with others to make their life easier (and I'm sure others would contribute as well).

That would truly make this product stand out and bring the community together. PlayFab has more of a community (where I'm migrating from), while GameSparks has more of a product. Why not have both?

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Hi Dylan,

We currently have a Tips & Tricks forum located here, we are actively working on introducing a system to the forums that will encourage users to interact with each other more share experiences and code snippets, there will be some form of karma system attached so we can see which users are being the most helpful to in the community and reward them. We are currently revamping our entire documentation site which, when complete, will help users find their feet on the platform much much quicker. As a lot of solutions are provided via the ticket system they aren't on display for the benefit of other users in our forums. In the next couple of weeks we will be updating our tips and tricks forums with little snippets that we think you guys will find useful. 



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Nice :)

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