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Time based leaderboards

I have a problem with the configuration of some leaderboards. Basically I want a leaderboard to be calculated taking into account only the scores from the last day. For that I followed this tutorial: but it doesn't work for me.
I'll explain how I have it set up, I have:

- An Event: with a parameter SCORE and a parameter DAY(Default value: ${today}) ------> Image1
- A Running Total that feeds on the event -------------------------------------------------------------------> Image2

- A Leaderboard (calculate daily) that feeds on the Running Total ---------------------------------> Image3

Then I also have an achievement that is awarded to the first position of the leaderboard. I am getting the achievement every day instead of only the first day, that's how I know it's not working well.

If you want you are fully welcome to look into the project to see the configuration. Info:
- Project:          Heroes Empire

- Event:            01 - Player Score PVP Event

- Runing Total:  01 - Player PVP Awards RT

- Leaderboard:  02 - Player PVP Awards

- Achievement: 001 - Player PVP 1 Achievement

We would really appreciate some help.

Thank you very much!

(220 KB)
(160 KB)
(146 KB)

Hi Javier,

If using a calculate daily leaderboard you don't need to include the day attribute with the default value set to ${today} or group it in your custom running total, the calculate leaderboards will automatically create a snapshot each day at the time of calculation for you. If an achievement is set as "repeatable" the user will get it every day if they finish in a position that warrants it. Am I correct in saying you only want this to be awarded on the first day and never again ? So if I was 1st on days 1 to 10, id only get this achievement once ?



Hi Liam,
Yes correct, we want the players to get the achievement only the first day. If no one scores the second day, it shouldn't give achievements at all.
Thank you!



Hi Javier,

If no one scores on the second day, that in turn should lead to no snapshot being created and no player being awarded an achievement. Are you saying it's still awarding achievements to players based on yesterdays positions ? If you can give us some more info on what exactly is happening here that would be great.



Hi Liam,

Yes, that's exactly what is happening, every day a new snapsshot (SCHEDULED) is created with the same info than the last snapshot. In the leaderboard there is only one player that scored the past 5th of july. For the last three days no one scored anything, but every day a new snapshot has been created with this player on top of the list (and with the same score points), and every day he got the achievement awarded for position #1.

Thank you!


Hi Javier, 

I'll get a test set up over the weekend to try and replicate this behavior for you.



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