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Platform Release 2016-07-01

Hey Sparks,

What seems to be a rather small release of stuff this time around, is not actually the case.  There have been major additions to Matchmaking with the introduction of Drop-in / Drop-out Matches.  As the name suggests, this allows players to leave a pending Match and at the same time, allow other players to come into the Match.  This dropping in and out can be allowed for a specified period of time, as well as specifying a time period of how long we wait until a player can return before being considered as a "drop out".  This can all happen on an automatic basis, as well as manually through the use of the new requests, FindPendingMatchesRequest and JoinPendingMatchRequest.  As well as the additions to Matchmaking, there have been some improvements and expansion to the Spark.lock mechanism.  Not only have there been improvements made to when lock is used in the context of a Challenge, but the locking mechanism has been expanded to all Cloud Code usage through the new methods, Spark.lockKey(), .unlockKey() and .unlockKeyFully().

Stay tuned for even more improvements to Matchmaking in the next release.

Bug-fix --- Spark.lock(challengeInstance) has now been made into a custom locking mechanism for all Cloud Code using Spark.lockKey() and .unlockKey(). (7531)

Story --- Drop in/drop out Matchmaking - 6909 (7869)

Story --- Downloadables in the Portal can now be fully renamed. (7867)

Bug-fix --- Realtime Scripts in Cloud Code can be imported/exported to another game (7743)

Bug-fix --- Running total Attribute name is now correctly updated on a Leaderboard if the Attribute is renamed via the Event (7805)

Bug-fix --- Fixed a bug with Calculate Daily/Weekly/Monthly Leaderboards where Achievements may be awarded more than once in some rare circumstances on a cluster with multiple servers (e.g. LIVE) (8545)

Bug-fix --- Chart series in Analytics can now be hidden or exposed when their legend is clicked on (8577)